Welcome, here I’ll be uploading the transcripts of various sermons that I have given in a variety of churches. Where possible there will be links to the audio so that if you would like to hear the sermon rather than read it you can. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to provide the audio as it depends on the facilities available in any given church.

As more appear, I suggest that you use your browser’s ‘search within page’ feature to find particular passages. This is because some sermons draw on two readings (from the Lectionary) and the ‘main’ reading is used for the list. As such I, for example, talk about Matthew 11 a lot in a sermon on Joshua 5.

I hope that as you read (or listen) they will encourage you in your faith.

Sermons available so far:

Joshua 5:13-6:20, Matthew 11:20-30: Whose side are you on?

Daniel 10 & Revelation 5: St. Michael and All Angels

Matthew 6.25-34 : Harvest And Trusting God

Matthew 20: Parable of the Generous Landlord 

Mark 8:27-28

Mark 11:1-11 : The Triumphal Entry

Luke 5.1-11 : My Sermon following #Brexit

(John 12:44-50) Globalisation: I stood besides the Sea

John 16:23-33 : Take Heart! 

Peter and Paul: Reacting to Easter 

Ephesians 3, Paul’s Prayer for the Church

Hebrews 10:1-18 : Jesus’ Once For All Sacrifice

Hebrews 12:18-24 : A Better Word than Abel’s Blood

1 Peter 5:5-10 : Beyond Ancient Stories of Faith

James 1:19-27 : Ears that Hear, Hearts that Serve 

(This is also my second ever Sermon and the oldest one recorded.)

Revelation 3:14-22 – The Letter to the Church of Laodicea


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