If we wish to speak profitably to others, then we must speak prophetically. To speak prophetically we must speak pneumatically, speaking truthfully in accordance with the one who is the Truth. To speak thusly, we must therefore in all things confess Jesus Christ as Lord, from hearts which are sustained by the Holy Spirit, and […]

Often it seems that everything must be a hyper-sensation. The infectious reblogging, retweeting, pinnings and sharings of the fangirls and fanboys of their respective fields of fashionable geekiness has taken the internet by storm. Indeed, one could almost be forgiven for thinking at times that the internet is the sole preserve of the fandom kingdoms. […]

(A word of explanation: I wrote this during the Christmas vacation of 2013 when I was struggling to write anything for an essay. I decided to do a ‘stream of consciousness’ piece and it resulted in this. The only editing I’ve done is to spell check it. When thinking what I should publish first on […]